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Our Mission

The mission of Hills Christian School is to helping the children of believers to love God above all, to learn of God's awesome world in the light of His Word, the Bible, and to live for God by using their knowledge in service to Him.

Our School

We have 20 students in grades K-8, which gives our students one-on-one attention and promotes a family like atmosphere. 

Our families represent 5 different denominations.

Our students come mostly from rural towns within a 25 mile radius of Hills.

We have a demanding academic program that includes required study in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Music, Bible, and Physical Education.  Students recieve individual attention with the low teacher to student ratio.

We have Title I and Special Education services available to those who need extra help in speech, reading, or math. 

Our students are involved in extra-curricular activities such as:  art, band, choir, basketball, soccer, track, volleyball, and recreational P.E.

Busing is available through the Luverne and Hills Beaver Creek School Districs.

We provide a hot lunch program for our students. 

We are governed by a board of constituents elected by members of the entire society.


Our Teachers

Christian school teachers are called to guide our students toward deeper understanding of God and His universe, making available to them unique opportunities and challenges to serve the Lord.  Our teachers know the power of teaching by example and seek to model their lives after the perfect example of Jesus.

Our teachers are mature, Christian professionals and graduates of accredited colleges and universities.

Our teachers are dedicated to a faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and seek to provide a caring and fun atmosphere for their students.


Christian Education

As a Christian school, we help your students learn to study the world in the light of the Bible.  We strive to help students to understand how each area of life fits into God's great plan and how God's will is important in all of life.  Our school strives to place Jesus at the center of its purpose and programs.  this is done throughout all subject areas and also through weekly chapels, daily devotions, and prayer.​​